Sunday, February 16, 2014

Do what you're afraid to do.

Ralph Waldo Emerson quote
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The last few days, my mind has been all over the place. Scrambling to finish scholarship applications, figuring out what to pack, what not to pack...

"On second thought, maybe I should actually pack that - just in case."
"Oh wait, I don't really need that."
"They've got socks there! And I'm going to find an Icelandic, knit wool sweater at a flea market! And one of those authentic striped shirts!"
"You have way too many striped shirts already."
"But they're CLASSICS! I need them!"

"Do I have enough money?" 
"But what if!?"
"No, the volcanoes are not going to erupt."

"Should I bring Annie's Mac and Cheese packets, minus the pasta, as comfort food?"
"No, that's ridiculous." "No, that's genius, it's delicious. And for five-year-olds, so what."

"Where am I going to be on March 15th? Or April 8th? Or May 26th?"
"I don't know, those are pretty random days. I don't know where I'll be any day, expect for when I'm on a plane."

"Do I know how to live independently?" 
"No. Yes. Kind of. You're not actually on your own. It's civilization. With people you'll get to know soon enough."

"Why did it take so long for my glasses to be made? Do they actually work?! Why is it easier to see without them?!"

"Am I going to be lonely?"
"Yes, probably."

"Why is the time difference so significant?"
"Because the world is a big place??? Beats me."

See the rational vs. irrational debate in my mind? Oh, the joys of being so annoyingly logical while over-thinking every little detail. But seriously. This is what's going through my mind. And it's exhausting, let me tell you.

But this quote, which I stumbled upon today, is a good reminder of why I'm going. I've wanted to do this since sixth grade. Every day of senior year. On the days the kids I nannied for drove me crazy. And most of the days in between.

So, I'll go and see something new. For me, that's the best part of traveling, seeing something unfamiliar every day, as the familiar gets old. And yes, I'll be lonely, but that's when I'll notice and appreciate the little things, and if not, it'll be when I Skype somebody. (Or blog. Or read a book. Or take a walk, if it stops flooding soon.) Get ready, folks! 

P.S. What do you eat at a British party? Taking place in America? Let me know. 

Update: Shepherd's pie and lots of tea. :)

(Poster via Go.For.Dope)

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